Didn’t Receive a Password Reset Email? Here’s What to do.

If you have tried resetting your password but haven’t received a password reset email from DashboardHC, there may be a couple of reasons why. 

  1. Make sure your email address is typed in correctly. 

While this sounds like a no brainer, it’s extremely common to type in your email address wrong - especially if you’re typing quickly. If your email is typed in incorrectly, you will not receive a password reset email to the correct email address that is linked to your DashboardHC account. 

  1. Check with your IT Department.

It is possible that your company’s IT has blocked the dashboardhc.com domain if you are not receiving any email correspondence from us. 

If you are uncertain of how to confirm this is happening or how to address this question with your IT team, a simple email to your IT lead can help get the conversation started. See below for an example:

Hi IT,

I am trying to reset my password with dashboardhc.com and I am not getting any mail to my inbox.  Can you please verify if dashboardhc.com has been added to our white list?

If, after confirming your email address is typed in correctly and/or reaching out to your IT Department, you still don’t have access to DashboardHC email correspondence, please reach out to our support by emailing us at [email protected]. We are happy to assist in solving this problem with you! 

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