3 Ways to Change Your Default Building Location

Changing your default building location can help you quickly review specific insights on a building’s information. This ultimately helps reduce time spent when browsing for key data. 

There are 3 different ways to go about changing your default building location. 

  1. Navigate to the User Admin Panel.

To navigate to the user admin panel, you must be an admin for your company’s account. If you are an admin, you will have the ability to change any user’s default building location.

  1. Go to the “My Account” Area of Your Dashboard.

Under the “My Account” area of your dashboard, you will be able to globally change the default building for your personal account. 

Once you have selected “My Account” within the left-hand column of your screen, a pop-up will appear on the right side of your browser. In the pop-up, you will see a section labeled “Default Operation” that includes a drop-down arrow. After clicking on the drop-down arrow, you will be able to select a specific building to set as your new Default Operation. 

  1. Add or Edit a Dashboard.

If you are looking to customize the default building for a single dashboard, this can be done while you are adding or editing a dashboard. 

Within the left-hand column of your screen, there is a “New Dashboard” option. After selecting “New Dashboard”, a fresh dashboard page will appear giving you the ability to select a specific building in the drop-down menu at the top right of your screen. You will also be able to choose a date range and add charts to your new dashboard. 

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