See a Number that Looks Incorrect? Contact Our Support Team.

If you’re reviewing your dashboard and come across a number that looks incorrect, or have discovered that certain data isn’t integrating into an existing report, please contact our support team in one of the following ways: 

  1. Email us at [email protected]

By explaining what data is either missing or incorrect, our support team can begin to inspect the numbers and get to the bottom of the issue. Below is an email example to begin the conversation into solving any data concerns:


I was looking over my dashboard, and it seems that some of the labor hour numbers are being withheld from the overall data. Can you help me look into this issue to make certain all of the necessary data is included?

  1. Utilize the chat widget on our site.

Once contacted, our support team will investigate why a number might be wrong and if a connection error is occurring with either DashboardHC or a vendor’s data feed. 

At DashboardHC, we are more than just your fractional data team. Our goal is to not only manage your data and the overall health of your data, but we desire to support you!

We are here to help research any data-related issues you may be experiencing and to address any arising concerns. 

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