How to use Data Drilldowns

Utilizing Data drilldowns will help you gain deeper insight into your dashboard metrics with greater transparency.

  1. Accessing Drilldowns

To access the data drilldown feature, you must be logged in and on a dashboard. Once you have decided on a metric to drilldown, click on the metric, and it will open the drilldown window. 

  1. Focus Your Drilldown.

While the data drilldown popup window is open, click on the “Focus” input box to drilldown based on specific criteria. The available options are dynamically populated depending on the metric you selected.

  1. Going back and exiting.

While the drilldown window is open, you can navigate back through your drilldowns by clicking on the back arrow. *This arrow will only show up as you begin to drilldown deeper using the “Focus” input box.

Once you have gained the insights you were looking for, you can quickly exit the drilldown window by clicking on the “X” icon or by clicking anywhere outside the window.

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