Your Guide to Successfully Switching Labor Vendors

Have you recently switched labor vendors, or thinking about switching? If so, it is important to start this process by setting up a new project with the DashboardHC support team. In order to properly capture the key information, it is best to hop on a kick-off call with you and your new vendor to discuss actionable items. 

At DashboardHC, we focus on your success, and understanding the key details ensures that we can meet expectations. 

On the kick-off call, we will:

  1. Seek to understand the method in how we will gather the data and the timeline of having the project completed. 

  1. Work with your new vendor to put all of these updates into motion. 

  1. Revise the data model to transition data from your old system to the upgraded system seamlessly. 

For any further assistance, please reach out to us at [email protected] where we will be happy to partner with you on setting up your new project.  

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