User Templates

How to Use Templates

*You must be an Admin to utilize the Templating feature.

1. Log in and navigate to the "Teams" section of DashboardHC by clicking on the "Teams" menu Item.


2. Search for "Template."


3. You should see available templates in the search results. Click on the email for the Administrator Template or Clinical Template. This will let you log in as the template user, where we will invite new users.



4. Once logged in to the Template Account, verify you are on the correct account by going to "Me" and then  "Settings."  You should see the Template Information here to verify you are on the correct account.



5. Next, Click on the "Teams" section again and click "Add User."  


5. Enter all the information necessary for the new user making sure to set their role to "user" and their access level as needed. Then click "Save."


6. Once the user has been created, an automated email will go out inviting them to their new account and providing instructions on setting up their password.  

7. For each new user you want to create for the given Template, repeat the process by clicking on the "Teams" section and then "creating a new user."


8. When you are ready to create new users for another template, search "Template" again in the "Teams" section, then login to that Template account and follow the same process for new users. 

*Remember to log out after you are done creating accounts and log in as your normal user

If you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to reach out to us via chat or by emailing [email protected]

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